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A metaphor could be a word or phrase which means one subject and is employed to emphasize another subject to touch on their similarities. It's conjointly delineate as one thing that's supposed to represent another scenario or plan. It's distinct from, however associated with a simile, that is additionally a comparison. The first distinction is that a simile uses the word like or on compare 2 things, whereas a metaphor merely suggests that the dissimilar things are similar.

In simple terms a metaphor basically compares two things without using the words "like" or "as". If someone say they're 'burning up', they do not mean that they're in fact actually on fire. Rather this is a figure of speech and an example of a metaphor in which someone is really hot, they're using the phrase 'burning up' to exaggerate the mood or status.

Basic examples

  • Heart of gold - Having good intentions. A sweet, unselfish, kindhearted individual.
  • Cold-hearted - This refers to a person that lacks sympathy, it doesn't literally mean that someones heart is cold.
  • Burning Up - This makes the comparison of being hot.
  • Stool Pigeon - A decoy or a spy, often referred to as an informant.
  • Narrow-minded - Being biased, not having an open mind or viewpoint.
  • Broken Heart - Your heart is intact but your spirit is crushed. It's being devastated due a disappointment in love, feeling sorrow and discomfort.
  • Snake in the grass - A conniving, sneaky and untrustworthy person who may strike at anytime.

Many of us so commonly use metaphors in our speech each day that we rarely even realize it. For instance, if you've ever used the words "wasting time", "that's cool" or perhaps "she's hot" then you too are a victim of having used a metaphor. Because there are so many cliche sayings it's hard to avoid nowadays. The more creative you get using metaphors the more interesting and clever you sound.

Use of Metaphor In Speech and Writing
In speech and in writing a metaphor gives behavior an expression that suggests the resemblance of one entity to another. It is used in any form of expressive language, no matter the object whether it be a person, place, event or idea. Here you will find a complete list of metaphors.

Son's First Game (Beginner)
Find all of the metaphors in the text below.
Football Metaphor Example
Yesterday I attended my sons first football game and it was nuts. I have no idea what they're feeding those kids but they all were giants. There was no strategy, they just let the kids run wild. To my surprise the coaches had no idea what they were doing, they're definitely missing a few screws. Also the referees hardly did any officiating, these guys were as blind as bats. I was extremely nervous for my son because it was an absolutely jungle on the field, but he did an awesome job. He has a bright future ahead of him playing ball.
In the example above "Son's First Game" we've highlighted the comparisons each time a different instance of a metaphor occurs. The author begins by describing the game as being nuts or crazy. Then he describes the kids as being really big by comparing them to giants.

Can you spot the metaphors that weren't highlighted?
Metaphor Meaning
What is a metaphor?
When defining a metaphor it's considered a form of speech where a word or phrase is used to create an effect by implying a comparison of two objects (Ex.: "jumping for joy", "he has the heart of a lion").
Metaphor ExamplesMetaphor example of being betrayed or "stabbed in the back".
Metaphor Types
Examples of different types of metaphors